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Chengdu Nutripinn Technology Corporation was established in Chengdu,Sichuan.It was one of the few company in China that can produce feed grade type of phosphate additives such as potassium phosphate, mono sodium phosphate ,mono ammonium phosphate and urea phosphate. The company has been able to produce 70,000.00 tons per year. It also enjoy popularity in overseas markets like Southeast Asia, Africa,the Middle East,Europe and America.


All products have passed authentication from various certification systems, including FAMI-QS , ISO 9001 and ISO 22000.Besides, after years of deployment and efforts, Nutripinn has decades-long partner like Tongwei , Newhope,Trouw nutrition, and Charoen Pokphand.


The motto “ Ecological,Quality,You.” shows the main focus of the company. The goal is to provide the high-end product for every customer, to feed the animal in a qualitative ,safe and sustainable way, to concern the animal production performance and welfare.




Chengdu Nutripinn Technology Corporation


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